LEV - Thorough Examination and Test

COSHH compliant LEV assessments to ensure systems are effective in preventing
chemical hazards from entering the workers breathing zone

The most common form of control of airborne substances is local exhaust ventilation (LEV). Under the COSHH regulations there is requirement to assess all LEV systems at regular intervals to ensure they are effective and continue to perform as originally intended.

The examination and testing of LEV systems is clearly defined in the regulations and associated Codes of Practice, together with the information of equipment, methods, intervals and record keeping.

Smart Radiation Group has a wealth of experience in this area and has assessed a wide range of systems from small portable fume extractors, open face booths, to large multi-branch dust extraction systems and very large blasting and painting halls. ALL forms of LEV can be examined and tested . in compliance with COSHH requirements and recommended practice.

The initial assessment documents the system and examines its components, recording the details of the fans, filtration, ductwork and intakes. It compares against for comparison to the design specification, if available.

The testing stage measures, where possible, appropriate parameters, such as in-line velocities, face velocities, capture velocities, static pressures and clearance rates. Other tests can also be undertaken to support the assessment e.g. smoke tubes and dust lamps.

The results obtained are compared with published data and reviewed in the light of personal exposures to substances hazardous to health to determine their effectiveness. 

As these examinations are required at intervals of 14 months, a free reminder service is provided to ensure your company has valid assessments at all times.